WHy start collecting?

How did this webshop start?

The start of this webshop started around 2018 when Tymeck stopped collecting Monster Energy cans and started focusing on importing and selling different Monster Energy cans from all around the world.

This wouldn’t have started if Tymeck didn’t start collecting in the first place. There is a big community of people all around the world who have a Monster Energy can collection. These collections differ from 50 cans to almost 2500 cans in a collection. In collaboration with this community, we set up this page where we decided to share our stories.

We decided to ask different people from different countries to tell us their story. People have different reasons why they started collecting and each one of them is unique in a way. From these stories we took the most important, most remarkable, most interesting and funniest parts. If you have more questions about these people or about the stories, make sure to get in contact with us! Enjoyed these stories and interesting to see what cans are available around the world? Check out the different Instagram pages or look at the “Collection” page on our site to see what we have available for collection purposes.