Tymeck Trades

Tymeck-Trades buys and sells a variety of cans. At the moment, we are selling mostly Monster Energy. Here in the near future, we will be expanding our products to include, but not limited to, brands like Rockstar and Redbull. 

Main goal

The main goal of Tymeck Trades is to expand our company to a European importing giant. We want to grow to a energy drink and soda import company.

In the future we want to expand our products to include, but not limit to, brands like Rockstar Energy, Redbull and Reign. Besides the energy side of drinks, we want to expand our brand to import various different drinks like soda and beer. 

We are based in The Netherlands but buy and sell world wide. If you would like to sell or trade us any of your cans, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Tymeck is the founder of the company Tymeck-Trades. Everything began in 2018 after collecting Monster energy for one and a half years. Not only was collecting Monster energy fun, but it became a passion.